June 18, 2024

    Wrightsville Beach’s Exclusive Private Beach Clubs


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    Wrightsville Beach boasts several exclusive private beach clubs that offer a luxurious beach experience, access to pristine shores, first-class amenities, and a retreat from the crowds, ensuring a tranquil and enjoyable coastal escape in Wilmington. Here’s a list of some of the private beach clubs in Wrightsville Beach:

    Commodore Club

    The Commodore Club in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, is an exclusive and elegant waterfront establishment that promises a sophisticated dining experience for its members. With a stunning two-story layout, it offers a variety of atmospheres to suit your mood, whether you prefer a quiet cocktail with colleagues, intimate indoor dining, or the scenic beauty of outdoor seating overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway.

    If you’re seeking a new escape, a place to unwind with delectable cuisine and drinks in an exquisite setting, the Commodore Club at Wrightsville Yacht Club is the perfect choice. Whether it’s a special evening out or a relaxed weekend meal, this establishment combines elegance with breathtaking waterway views, ensuring a memorable experience for all members.

    The Surf Club

    The Surf Club at Wrightsville Beach is a popular and iconic beachfront destination that encapsulates the spirit of coastal living and water sports. Located along the pristine shores of Wrightsville Beach, this club has been a cherished part of the community for decades. With its laid-back atmosphere and spectacular ocean views, the Surf Club offers a unique blend of beachfront dining and recreational activities.

    The Surf Club is renowned for its seaside charm, making it an ideal spot for surfers, beach enthusiasts, and anyone seeking to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea. The club boasts a relaxed, family-friendly ambiance that welcomes both locals and visitors. Members and guests can savor fresh seafood and coastal cuisine while taking in the mesmerizing sights and sounds of the Atlantic Ocean.

    To become a member at the Surf Club at Wrightsville Beach, you typically need to follow a membership application process. It’s essential to reach out to the Surf Club directly for precise details on their membership application process, fees, and any current membership availability.

    Carolina Yacht Club

    Located along Banks Channel, Carolina Yacht Club is ideal for boating and water sports enthusiasts. This exclusive yacht club, founded on the rich traditions of seafaring, welcomes members to a world of nautical sophistication and camaraderie.

    The yacht club and marina provides a secure haven for an array of vessels, from sleek yachts to sailboats. Members can take advantage of well-maintained docks and slips as well as access to sailboats, classes and much more. The club also serves as a social hub where members can connect and unwind. The clubhouse, with its classic architecture and panoramic views of the water at Wrightsville Beach, offers a comfortable setting for socializing, dining, and enjoying events. From formal gatherings to casual meet-ups, the club provides a welcoming atmosphere for all.

    Members at Carolina Yacht Club can indulge in a variety of recreational activities. Whether it’s a day of sailing under the Carolina sun, participating in regattas, or enjoying water sports, the club encourages a love for the sea and an active coastal lifestyle.

    Membership at Carolina Yacht Club is by invitation, reflecting the club’s commitment to maintaining a close-knit community of sailing enthusiasts. Prospective members typically undergo an application process, including an introduction to the club’s ethos and facilities.

    Hanover Seaside Club

    This historic club has been a cherished part of Wrightsville Beach for generations. It offers private beach access, a pool, and a clubhouse for gatherings and events. Hanover Seaside Club is a private beach club devoted to offering top-notch facilities and a rich array of social and recreational activities, ensuring a welcoming environment for members to create enduring memories.

    Members get access to a number of offerings tailored to the diverse interests of all generations, providing a unique blend of relaxation, boating and beach access and excitement against the picturesque backdrop of Wrightsville Beach.

    Seapath Yacht Club

    Seapath Yacht Club stands as a distinguished private marina ideally situated in the heart of Wrightsville Beach, adjacent to the scenic Intracoastal Waterway. The marina boasts an impressive total of 190 slips, all of which are crafted with floating docks to accommodate vessels of varying sizes, ranging from 22ft to 65ft. Among its extensive offerings, Seapath Yacht Club ensures a convenient and modern experience for boat owners by providing essential amenities such as shore power, wireless internet access, and well-equipped berths.

    Beyond its commitment to serving the needs of boat owners, Seapath Yacht Club facilitates the sale of slips, each of which is privately owned. This unique feature allows interested parties to acquire slips from existing owners as they become available. Catering to the transient needs of vessels navigating the Intracoastal Waterway, Seapath Yacht Club welcomes transient boats to experience the hospitality and convenience it offers.

    The marina experience at Seapath extends beyond the water, with a host of amenities enriching the overall membership. A dedicated clubhouse provides a welcoming space for members to gather, relax, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow boating enthusiasts. For those seeking a culinary experience, the yacht club offers a grill area, creating a perfect setting for socializing and indulging in delectable meals against the picturesque backdrop of the marina. Storage facilities are also available for bikes, surfboards, and small dinghies, ensuring that members can easily access and enjoy their recreational equipment.