September 27, 2023

    Who Makes The Best Burger in Wilmington?


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    Are you hunting for a great tasting, juicy hamburger? We get the craving a couple times a month and we go looking for the next undiscovered local burger.

    Smash burgers, bacon burgers, blue burgers, cheese burgers, mushroom burgers, bbq burgers, fries and onion rings — so many different types of burgers in many different formats.

    There are a lot of options for burgers in Wilmington, whether its a chain restaurant or a locally owned restaurant. So who makes the best burger in Wilmington?

    We still can’t answer that question, but we are sure getting closer to finding out. One burger at a time we are eating our way through the top burger spots in Wilmington. In this article we visit a famous local spot called The Original Salt Works.

    The Original Salt Works is a Wilmington pit stop and tiny diner serving breakfast and lunch. The restaurant is known for its regular customers that come in a few times a week for a meal. For some of the regulars, dining at Salt Works has been a weekly activity for at least three generations.

    Food and patrons are not the only things that make The Original Saltworks a Wilmington institution. The restaurant inhabits a little building on Oleander across from the botanical gardens — the structure has been a landmark for decades. Starting off as a soda fountain in the 1950s, The Original Saltworks opened its doors in 1973.

    During the summer months the restaurant offers outside dining at picnic tables that sit under a century-old live oak tree. The restaurant architecture, the historic oak tree and the peaceful vibe make The Original Salt Works one of coolest places to dine in Wilmington, North Carolina.

    With all that history, the burger has got to be amazing right? You’re gonna have to visit to find out.