December 1, 2023

    The Top Real Estate Agents in Wilmington 2023


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    The Wilmington, North Carolina real estate market has experienced a remarkable surge in activity over the past 3 to 5 years, and there’s no indication of it slowing down. Whether you’re a local resident searching for a new home or in the process of relocating, this guide is intended to showcase the top real estate agents based on their transaction volumes.

    The individuals on this roster of real estate agents represent the upper echelon, ranking within the top 5% of the 1,600 currently active real estate agents in Wilmington, North Carolina.

    Jennifer Bullock

    Jennifer Bullock, the owner of Homes For Sale Wilmington, operating under the Remax Executive umbrella, specializes in aiding both buyers and sellers in Southeastern North Carolina. Boasting over 15 years of seasoned experience in the real estate realm, Homes For Sale Wilmington is exceptionally well-equipped, offering a perfect blend of expertise and in-depth market knowledge to serve your needs.

    • Home Transactions (last 12 months): ~800
    • Average Price Point: $390,000
    • Years of Experience: 16

    Hank Troscianiec

    Originally hailing from Somerville, NJ, Hank made a life-changing move to North Carolina’s Piedmont region in 1980 with his parents. However, it was during his work on a film project in Wilmington, NC, that he fell head over heels for the coastal charm and knew he had found his place.

    For a decade, Hank dedicated himself to the film industry, wearing hats as both an actor and a diligent crew member. He attributes his strong work ethic to an industry that demands unwavering dedication and a determination to achieve the seemingly impossible. In 2005, Hank relocated with his family to the Southport area.

    Prior to making real estate his full-time profession, he dabbled in real estate investments for several years. Hank has served a diverse clientele, including first-time homebuyers and seasoned investors. His approach is straightforward: listen to the client, thoroughly understand the market, and devise the best possible solution to help them achieve their goals.

    • Home Transactions (last 12 months): ~680
    • Average Price Point: $450,000
    • Years of Experience: 19

    Aimee Freeman

    Regardless of whether you’re embarking on your first home purchase, have substantial experience as an investor, seek a luxurious abode, or are in the midst of relocating, Aimee Freeman and her dedicated team are your trusted guides in selecting the perfect home to meet your unique requirements. They stand by your side throughout the entire journey, from crafting an offer, skillfully navigating negotiations, securing financing, overseeing inspections, and finalizing the deal.

    Aimee Freeman is resolute in her commitment to help you make well-informed real estate choices, ensuring that you steer clear of potentially costly missteps. Her ultimate objective is to secure the best possible price, the most favorable terms, and to minimize any undue complications along the way.

    • Home Transactions (last 12 months): ~415
    • Average Price Point: $320,000
    • Years of Experience: 25

    Tyson Emery

    Tyson Emery and the dedicated team at Aspyre Realty Group, based in Wilmington, NC, are specialists in real estate services meticulously tailored to cater to the distinct needs of homebuyers, sellers, and investors. They are unwavering in their commitment to delivering unparalleled one-on-one attention, adept negotiation skills, in-depth investment expertise, and personalized care to their valued clients.

    This passionate group of real estate professionals is characterized by their unwavering dedication to exceptional service, backed by years of experience within the real estate industry, consistently achieving five-star results. Whether you’re embarking on your first home purchase, seeking a beachfront property in North Carolina, or considering a new construction investment, Aspyre Realty Group guarantees a superlative level of service and expertise that instills confidence in the knowledge that you are in capable hands.

    • Home Transactions (last 12 months): ~450
    • Average Price Point: $330,000
    • Years of Experience: 14