December 1, 2023

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    Wilmington, North Carolina is witnessing a thriving resurgence in its arcade and gaming scene. The city boasts a fantastic array of arcades and game rooms, catering to both kids and adults, where you can unplug and embrace your inner child through a blend of classic and contemporary arcade entertainment. Whether your goal is a quick game or an extended gaming session, complete with delectable food, beverages, and cocktails, this compilation of the finest arcades and game establishments in town is bound to offer something that suits everyone’s tastes.

    1. Rally Point Bar & Arcade

    Rally Point Bar and Arcade, situated in the heart of downtown Wilmington, North Carolina, is a dynamic fusion of an arcade and a bar, designed to provide endless amusement for patrons. At Rally Point, you’ll discover a diverse selection of beloved games, such as skeeball, Pong, beer pong, Duck Hunter, a thrilling Walking Dead shooter game, the timeless Pac-Man, Key Master, and a photo booth to immortalize those high-score achievements. Additionally, the venue offers punching bags, basketball, and, naturally, a fully stocked bar, allowing you to savor your preferred beverage while indulging in gaming fun.

    2. Retroscape – Video Game Lounge

    Step into the world of Retroscape – Video Game Lounge, where you’ll encounter video game systems spanning from the 1970s to the present day, offering a fantastic source of entertainment for you, your friends, and your entire family. Additionally, Retroscape presents an extensive assortment of video games that have left their mark over the years, available for purchase. Unwind and relish their assortment of classic game-time snacks and beverages. For those with a penchant for nostalgia, they even offer stickers and Pokemon TCG.

    3. Pachinko World

    Nestled in the heart of North Carolina, Pachinko World pays tribute to a beloved Japanese gaming tradition. This unique establishment stands as the sole dedicated Pachinko parlor on the North American continent. Resembling an upright pinball game, Pachinko holds a significant place in Japanese culture, serving as both a thriving industry and a cherished pastime. Its popularity surged throughout Japan in the aftermath of World War II.

    Drawing inspiration from its Japanese counterparts, Pachinko World not only offers an authentic Pachinko experience but also boasts a rich collection of classic games harking back to the 1980s and vintage pinball machines dating from as early as the 1940s up to 2018. If you’re seeking a distinctive and budget-friendly way to spend your time, this is the ideal destination. The classic arcade games still require just a quarter to play, and Pachinko costs a mere two cents per ball, with a minimum purchase of 50 balls for just $1.

    4. Carolina Beach Arcade

    Nestled on the vibrant Carolina Beach Boardwalk, the Carolina Beach Arcade is a family-oriented arcade offers an ideal setting to create lasting memories and have a fantastic time. Test your abilities in thrilling double driving and hoop games, with the chance to win exciting prizes.

    5. Hi-Tech Arcade

    For a delightful break from the beach, Hi-Tech Arcade in Kure Beach offers an entertaining haven. Dive into a world of arcade games that encompass basketball, skeeball, car racing, colorama, frog hop, and a plethora of other exciting options.