December 1, 2023

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    Christmas tree lots hold a special place in the hearts of families during the holiday season, as they mark the beginning of a beloved tradition. The experience of heading to a tree lot, often brimming with the inviting scent of evergreens, becomes a cherished annual outing. It’s a delightful excursion that brings families together in a quest for the perfect tree to adorn their homes with festive ornaments and lights.

    The search for the ideal tree becomes a joyful adventure, with children and adults alike examining each tree’s unique shape, fragrance, and charm. The decision can be filled with laughter and spirited debates as each member of the family shares their preferences. Once the chosen tree is found, the sense of accomplishment and anticipation for decorating it with lights, baubles, and cherished ornaments creates a sense of togetherness and excitement that embodies the spirit of the holidays.

    Here are some of the best places to pick out a Christmas Tree in Wilmington.

    Christmas Tree Lot at Mayfaire

    The Mayfaire Christmas Tree Lot is back in action! Visitors can peruse a selection of North Carolina-grown Fraser Fir Christmas trees and wreaths. This lot is proudly sponsored by The Cape Fear Optimist Club, with dedicated volunteers and workers readily available to offer assistance. They are more than happy to help customers decorate their chosen trees and ensure a smooth loading process onto their vehicles.

    Barr Evergreens

    For more than four decades, Barr Evergreens has been a cherished tradition, providing the residents of Wilmington, NC, with exquisite Christmas trees. Offering only the finest North Carolina Fraser Fir Christmas trees, Barr Evergreens invites families to come and experience the joy of hand-picking their very own Christmas tree.

    Biggers Market

    Each year, Biggers Market hosts a Christmas Tree lot featuring a diverse array of trees in various sizes and shapes. Here, you can discover the ideal tree for your holiday celebrations and explore a wide selection of festive decorations, fresh produce, and more. It’s the perfect opportunity to bring your family and revel in the joy of choosing your very own Christmas tree.

    Garden Center at Home Depot

    The Garden Center at Home Depot in Wilmington, NC is a comprehensive garden emporium, boasting a wide range of top-tier garden supplies and an extensive variety of plants, spanning from indoor house plants to elegant bonsai trees. Moreover, you can explore a delightful assortment of garden decor and much more. As the holiday season approaches, you’ll discover an abundant selection of Christmas trees and festive seasonal decor to adorn your home. Whatever your garden needs may be, the Garden Center at Home Depot is your one-stop destination to find everything you could possibly require.

    Farmers Supply

    Farmers Supply Co, a well-established garden supply and animal feed store in Wilmington, NC, adds a special touch to every holiday season by offering the freshest Christmas trees for purchase. Beyond the holidays, you can also obtain an array of fresh, locally grown vegetables, a delightful assortment of flowers, and a diverse selection of garden essentials to enhance your gardening experience. For those tending to farm animals, you’ll find an extensive array of options to cater to various types of livestock, ensuring their needs are well taken care of.

    Five Oaks Nursery

    Five Oaks Nursery, situated adjacent to the Wilmington International Airport in Wilmington, NC, serves as your go-to destination for a wide variety of plants and garden-related vegetation. During the holiday season, Five Oaks Nursery sells Christmas trees. So, whether you’re planning to pick out a Christmas tree, cultivate a vibrant garden or simply seeking greenery to enhance your outdoor space, Five Oaks Nursery is the perfect place to explore and find the ideal selections.