December 1, 2023

    10 Thanksgiving Family Activities To Try This Year


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    Whether you’re hosting a grand Thanksgiving feast with extended family and friends or opting for a more intimate gathering, you’ve likely got the menu planning and turkey preparations well in hand. While the meal takes center stage, Thanksgiving offers more than just a scrumptious dinner shared with loved ones.

    To make the most of this special day, we’ve compiled a list of activities to keep you and your family and friends engaged. Here are enjoyable things to do on Thanksgiving, both before the turkey emerges from the oven and even long after the final dish has been washed and put away.

    1. Go for walk or hike

    Once you’ve savored second and third helpings of your Thanksgiving meal, gather your family and don your walking shoes for a neighborhood stroll or a light trail hike. Instead of dozing off on the couch, infuse some vitality into the day with a brisk walk—it’s beneficial for both body and spirit. Don’t forget to bundle up and relish the early Christmas lights that a few enthusiastic neighbors have already adorned their homes with!

    2. Video Call with remote family members

    While we may wish that everyone could join the same gathering, sometimes it’s simply not feasible. Whether your loved ones are across the country or just a town away, connecting with family on Thanksgiving is always a wonderful idea. Set up a video chat with FaceTime or a Zoom meeting and catch up live on how everyone is celebrating this special holiday.

    3. Play Family Feud

    Though this activity demands a bit of foresight, it’s guaranteed to be a blast when properly arranged. Begin by sending out a survey to all your family members, crafting questions inspired by the iconic game show “Family Feud.” Tailor these questions to center around your family’s history, cherished Thanksgiving traditions, or intriguing general topics. Once you’ve gathered the responses, designate one person as the “host” to collate and unveil the answers. This engaging activity provides an entertaining glimpse into how each family member responds and brings a distinctive touch to your holiday celebrations.

    4. Host a movie night

    Christmas may not be the only season with a fantastic lineup of movies. Consider hosting a Thanksgiving Day movie marathon featuring some of your all-time favorites. And if you’re feeling festive, you can even slip in a few Christmas films to get into the holiday spirit! Consider hosting a movie outside by creating your backyard movie theater.

    5. Put on a performance

    This activity may entail a bit more effort on the part of the kids, but it’s a delightful opportunity for the adults to relax and savor a show after a busy day of cooking. Encourage your younger family members to stage a Thanksgiving Day play, whether it’s centered around the holiday or inspired by their boundless imaginations. It’s a wonderful way to let their creativity shine and provide some entertainment for the whole family.

    6. Work on a puzzle

    Transform building a puzzle into a cherished Thanksgiving tradition. Puzzles serve as an excellent pastime for those with idle hands, especially when the kitchen is bustling with cooks. It’s an inclusive activity where everyone can contribute, and you can even preserve the completed puzzle by using puzzle glue and placing it in a frame, creating a lasting image for the whole family to relish.

    7. Pull out an old board game

    Thanksgiving is all about family bonding. Instead of getting absorbed in your phones or the latest Hulu series, gather around for some good old-fashioned fun. Whether you choose a timeless classic like Shoots

    and Ladders or opt for a Monopoly, playing board games with your loved ones is guaranteed to bring laughter and create lasting memories that you’ll cherish.

    8. Piece together your family tree

    Creating a visually captivating display can be an enjoyable activity on a day centered around family. It also serves as a wonderful way to honor and remember loved ones who may not be able to join us on this special day.

    9. Run in a local turkey trot race

    Turkey Trots are races that span one to five miles, and are typically held on Thanksgiving morning. These events are family-oriented and generally emphasize fun over intense competition. Whether you bring your whole family to participate or compete individually, it’s a great way to work up an appetite for your Thanksgiving dinner later in the evening.

    10.Volunteer at a local shelter or charity

    Thanksgiving is a season of gratitude, making it an ideal time for you and your family to engage in volunteer work at a local charity or shelter. Identify organizations that require assistance and plan your day around your volunteer commitments to make it a meaningful and fulfilling Thanksgiving.